Products & Services


In our facilities, 90, 100, 110, 120 and 140 cm sizes of scarves in polyester and silk fabrics of different quality in production are carried out.


Considering the demands of domestic and international market, the fashion trends in patterns and colors for each age group by addressing plain and patterned varieties of products are offered to you.



Foulards and shawls are produced with various kinds of fabrics such as polyester, viscose, acrylic and silk in our facilities. 


We offer both our domestic and international customers a rich foulard and shawl collection with fashionable colors and patterns in trend. 


Customer Collection

In addition to introducing our collection, we serve our customers through the entire process from design to finished product.


In our facilities we make the production with their designs or the ones we design for them according to their demands.


We are proud to help our customers to create their own collections.


Whole Sale & Retail

Whole Sales

We are distributing our products to almost 120 counties worldwide and over 1.000 points around Turkey. 


Our sales team visit our local customers periodically.


We have been giving services to our existing customers on our portal to inform them about our new products and collect their orders.


In order to get this service you should become a member. Your account will be activated as your application approved.





You can buy our products on our e-commerce site


We only make domestic sales.